Mom vs Dad, the never ending story.

Well let's start off with, I love my husband, and our children, but being the Mom looks easier, when you're not the Mom. When you're the mom, no one makes you soup, no one does your laundry, no one cleans your room. No one is there to comfort you when you're down in the gutters.… Continue reading Mom vs Dad, the never ending story.


Mommy blog this time!

Cupcakes and chaos, we decorated cupcakes with our oldest daughter while her brother was at school and baby was sleeping. I must say everyone should do this once in awhile, it's an amazing to experience on how she decorates, that she doesn't care and has so much fun. I find them beautiful and so much… Continue reading Mommy blog this time!


Newest craft!

Hello peoples! So I just made my first burlap cross, and burlap floppy flower. Minus all the hot glue stuck on my fingers, burlap strands every where, oh and now my toddlers (1 & 3) are fighting over a blanket. But back to this beautiful piece, it started because the pane of glass in said… Continue reading Newest craft!



Hello there people's! Creating a small business sounds like it would be so easy... well that's a big nope! Trying to find sponsors for a blog , I don't f°☆king know how to do. (Any suggestions would help) Making the crafts fairly easy, minus needing supplies and ideas some days. Finding customers! Like where the… Continue reading Hashtags!