Mom vs Dad, the never ending story.

Well let’s start off with, I love my husband, and our children, but being the Mom looks easier, when you’re not the Mom.

When you’re the mom, no one makes you soup, no one does your laundry, no one cleans your room. No one is there to comfort you when you’re down in the gutters. Being Mom is exhausting, juggling everyone’s schedule, making appointments, lunches, snacks.

Now being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is very lonely, we may have our children around us daily, but we also have our tired spouse come home after a long day of work wanting to relax and not be dad as soon as he comes home. Sadly being a working or SAHM you never get a break, and when you do it’s so you can run an errand alone, or try and have a bath while constantly hearing ‘mama’s cried out or little knocks on the door or worse, the toddler opening the door.

As being the mom, we seem to be held up to a certain standard, we have to do everything, and if we don’t we are put down. It starts before the baby is even born. With how gender reveals are now way over done (guilty we did one for our youngest, but was just a cake) then others constantly asking “are you going bottle feed or breast feed?” And all the rest of the unsolicited ‘advice’ you’re given.

Then the lovely hormonal connection you get and society telling you whatever you’re doing is wrong, you either are eating too much or not enough, or how dare you let your child do that. Or my favorite “whys he cooking supper and paying bills he works all day?” Umm a) hes a chef, I’m going to let him cook, supper is always amazing, b) he makes the money, knows what his cheque is and has a clearer mind then I do. (Yay anxiety and over thinking, also shh he can’t know I appreciate this lol)

Being a mom is such an amazing experience, but please remember moms are the ones who deal with most of the emotional problems, the little to us, big to them. We play the ref, we kiss the boo boos, and clean up the mess. It’s a hard job, but I wouldn’t leave it for anything.

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