Trying not to raise a$$holes.

Oh me, oh my, what have I created this time?!

Anyone else have a strong willed three year old? She goes between being mommies bff to about to fist fight daddy (maybe not the drastic, but needed to be added for dramatic effect)

Our darling S is at the age of toddlers many people love and hate at the same time, some moments she can be reason with and talk through the issues, other days well yeah…

With S knowing half the time what shes doing is wrong, N knowing what he’s doing wrong and playing dumb, and little miss K being when shes mad shes mad! And when she’s sick, shes attached to me like the umbilical cord is still connected! Then the hubs wondering why I’m so snappy and the house is a mess…

I mean being a SAHM is an amazing opportunity many do not get the chance to get. (Still looking for PT work to you know afford these monsters) although their eating us out of house and home is a different story (since they all seem to think this time of year is a great idea to grow) it’s great and we have amazing moments together! But then again someone is ALWAYS fighting with someone, they all want our constant attention all at once, or want nothing to do with us. It’s an mentally exhausting job just as much as it can be physically exhausting!

Then there is the people you try and talk/complain to about it (parents don’t lie, it always comes out as complaints to people without kids) I always get the same similar answer and question.

The ‘You wanted them.’ And ‘why do you want more?’ Which I can easily answer, I love being a mom, I love watching my kids grow up, but f*ck! A) yeah just because I wanted them doesn’t mean it’s not hard work, just because I complain about them doesn’t mean I don’t want them, it means I’m human and not fake person. We’re raising the next generation to not be assholes! To be respectful to others without the ability to do it how our grandparents did it and how some of our parents did.

I’m not going to beat my children into listening, but I will definitely use my mom voice more than I want to so my children won’t be snowflakes. I also refuse to raise snowflakes, some may *think* I’m rough on my stepson N, but that’s because for the last year, I’m with him the most, I know when hes faking, I know when he’s trying to get sympathy over nothing or act like his toddler sisters (3.5 & basically 22 months)

N and I have always had a different relationship, his dad and I got serious fast, got pregnant with S within 2 weeks, so I was preparing to be a mom (pregnancy after loss is f*cking scary man) and then being a stepmom to an already 3.5 year, switching ft care from hubs to C (N’s bio mom) so it was alot going on. We’ve had ups downs and figuring out this relationship, I’ve been ‘mom’ to him since day 1, we fight like mother and son, he’s my boy, but one day he will be someone’s husband and someone’s dad, and I want him to be the best he can be.

S is my first living baby since my losses, I’ve been scared, over protective, nervous and shes my baby, and I still hate people trying to tell me how to raise her, I’ve worked hard doing this. She is my strong willed daughter, with my attitude and her daddies temper. She’s an adorable little firecracker the will hug you and yell at you at the same time.

K is at this moment our youngest so fat shes smarter than her own good, and a straight up mommies girl, still bf strong and eating like there is no tomorrow, has her love hate relationship with her sister (which you know, toddlers and such).

This is my life, my kids, hubs, and his friends, and I’m just here trying to survive the next break down.

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