Marriage, toddlers, and summer..

Hello friends!

How is everyone’s summer? Good I hope! How do you keep your small ones busy? when it’s either raining or heat wave.

Have you tried any of those pinterest summer activity lists?


I always have the Hope’s to, save a bunch, and wake up like ‘yup, let’s do this.’ And then ones had an accident and won’t admit it, other just want to cuddle and watch wiggles.. get the things ready and ones needing a nap, one is needing a time out. They just never seem to work, especially when I’m out numbered.

I swear I’m not a lazy mom, just exhausted! But we’ve recently started buying VHS’ and K is being more interested in doing more stuff like building blocks, coloring, so we’ve had fun with that.

I won’t try and pretend to be a pinterest mom, more realistic mom, screen time has taught my daughter more kids songs and words then I’ve been able to, and wiggles have taught k about singing and dancing! So if any moms are like me who are just trying to survive toddlers in heat just remember; you go girl! You do you, only you know what your kiddies need and want.

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