Life, Wedding and a Market.

Well I did that wedding thing June 2, married my favorite human to bug for the rest of my life, I guess in addition I married into a threesome bromance Haha, and oddly it’s weird how finally being married does make a slight difference, besides signing a paper, and all that, just generally feel like ‘ya I kinda got my shit together ‘ and pride. It’s weird to explain, but it’s still an amazing feeling.

Now sadly my first market was a flop for me, only made $55.20 (-$10 entrance fee) didn’t really make my cost of supplies, travel, and all that, and sadly that market wasn’t just a flop for me, my niece and sister in law also didn’t have a super great day either, but my friend and new mom did pretty good I think lol.

But now into my second week of marriage, back in Calgary and back to reality as in moming, sending kid off to school, dealing with toddler wetting bed again but finally baby is no longer attached to my chest lol.

Hoping to start on some more crafts (maybe a Father’s Day gift for my hubby) or you know finish unpacking.

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