Mommy blog this time!

Cupcakes and chaos, we decorated cupcakes with our oldest daughter while her brother was at school and baby was sleeping. I must say everyone should do this once in awhile, it’s an amazing to experience on how she decorates, that she doesn’t care and has so much fun.

I find them beautiful and so much fun, especially near the end when she was being so particular on how she was putting sprinkles on. She definitely did not lick her fingers during the process at all…

I really cannot wait until our youngest is older and we can all decorate together, they are both very different little girls and watching their personalities shine thru, S loves it just being her daddy and I, she wants to do everything with just us, always asking to help daddy in the kitchen and playing kitchen. K loves daddy snuggles before bed and when moms holding her (sometimes not even near her) she will get mad at who ever is touching her mommy, steals toys and the tablet from S & N and just all so amazing, N is our oldest, he’s into gaming, pokemon and like most 7 year olds.

I’m so lucky for these kids, even though they make we want to pull out my hair somedays. N decided he wants to spend Mother’s Day with us which makes me extremely happy! I’ve never get my stepson for Mother’s day and it was really endearing. Now we rest and watch mind numbing TV while waiting for supper.

Cheers, JeMarie!

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