Hoppy Easter!!

Hippity Hoppity, the bunny came last night!

Hello everyone! sorry for being M.I.A lately, as of last Tuesday I was taken off of work and had to rest basically my entire right arm, my shoulder has been swollen and sore, may have strained my rotator cuff, got tennis elbow and hurt my wrist and had, may be from work, or Fibromyalgia could have gotten worse or I may have developed arthritis, (thanks genetics for the crappy joints.).

So I have been trying to rest, it’s boring and even trying to just little things has caused pain, can’t wait to see the doctor tomorrow and figure out my future.
Which has made me unable to do any of my crafts! so many ideas but not able to do anything, trust me I’ve tried to do little things and spent rest of day with heating pad.

My art is now hanging up at my fiances work and I’ve already sold one! so that is awesome and I’m planning on starting my stock for Tour de Bowness on August 5th this summer.

Cheers! JeMarie

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