My experience with vinyl.

I have a Cricut Air 2, cricuts are used for many different crafts and such, mostly used with vinyl to make pretty travel mugs, coffee cups, shirts etc. Since beginning its kind of a pain, my mom showed me how to use it a bit, but when I got home and i finally got more into it.

First issues was, I wanted to work with vinyl and it was so confusing, why wasn’t it cutting all the way through? Why wouldn’t my tool work for weeding. So I finally did what I hate to do research! Usually when I have to look up stuff I ask hubby, well, I didn’t really want to rely on him for this. So I did it myself, and found out I had the wrong tools and wrong blade in for vinyl like F☆♡k !

Well once I switched the blade and ordered the off brand cricut weeding tools (nicapa) and got an extra weeding tool on sale at Michaels (seriously get the coupon app people if you shop there more than once haha). The first obvious thing I decided to make was a Mandela elephant-.- 2.5-3 hours later between kids, eating supper. It was finally done and I decided to frame it, well it is super crooked. But hubby likes it!

Next project I tried was a mug, and it turned out pretty cool I think. The issue I had with the pictures I made for Adam’s work was painting the frames, and figuring out what my theme was going to be, and for some reason my vinyl wouldn’t come off the backing nicely, so I had to pick paper chunks off of sticky vinyl and holding sticky transfer paper down, so much fun.

Cheers! JeMarie!

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