Exciting new opportunities!

With Summer coming up and all of these exciting craft shows and street fairs, I have finally gotten the courage to talk to my fiance’s boss about showcasing my art work to sell, and he said yes and said I could do between 4-8.

Well I obviously said I’d have 8 done by next week, yeah I got a little over excited. Well after spending all day until 5:30 pm cutting and weeding, than finish weeding last night by midnight… or later lol. I have that part done, now to finish. Although, it’s been difficult and stressful, I’m super excited!

I’ve also inquired to be a vendor at ‘tour de bowness’ a street fair that happens ever year on Bowness Rd where Adam works, the last 2 years I’ve wanted to take the kids, but Adam always is working it and I’m never ambitious enough to drive him to work than come back a few hours later to go enjoy it. (I enjoy sleep haha)

But this year I’m hoping we can afford me to be a vendor, it’s so exciting and so nerve wracking, trying to figure out : a set up, pricing out materials, wanting my spouse there, but worried about the children being out all day and dogs home all day, business cards!, pricing like Ahh!

But I’m so glad I have such an amazing support system and I’m so excited to try and possibly fail, wish me luck in my future endeavors and give Adam the strength to deal with my crazy ass until then…did I mention it’s not until August 5th, between now and then we have our wedding, my friends wedding ( both in Saskatchewan) well I should go finish my crafts and you know do that mom job.

Cheers! JeMarie!

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