Soap making wtf was I thinking…

They look so pretty, those happy looking unicorns, colorful dinosaurs, and the cute teddies.

Don’t let they’re cuteness fool you, moderate amount of sweating went into these, with obviously love and care.

Now, I love them, love making them, hate how quickly the base starts to cool off, or how trying to dye each separately (the half clear and half colored isn’t planned…)

Trying to do this around the girls who can’t let mom have a moment of peace to do things, dogs who want to go in and out every 10 minutes to bark at usually nothing.

Making the bath crayons I’m hoping this time they actually work! (I’m running out of food coloring!) But I’m hoping these will sell nicely, I love using the molds and mixing colors! And our oldest daughter loves the soaps (she will be 3 friday) so she kinda loves everything until I tell her its not hers. Back to the soap, its so fun to make and so easy to clean up, if you’re interested in buying any let me know!



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